Each summer, Mount View hosts

a booth at the Washington County Fair. Aptly named the "Gospel Truth Booth", this booth has been an annual ministry of the church for a number of years.  Patterned after the Old and New Testament concept of "marketplace evangelism" (see Ezekiel 27 and Acts 17:16, 17), the booth provides a means of bringing the gospel message to those mingling at the Fair.  Equipped with a variety of evangelistic tools and literature, the booth has been successful in proclaiming the message of salvation through Jesus to literally thousands of people since its introduction.  The Gospel Truth Booth is staffed each summer with trained volunteers from Mount View and other independent Baptist churches to engage visitors to the Fair with the gospel.  As a direct result of this ministry, a number of people have been led to faith in Christ.


The Gospel Truth Booth

runs all day from Thursday through Sunday (generally the final week of July).  If you would like more information about this unique outreach ministry, please contact the church office.